Young at Heart

2017 programme

  • March 1st.  Melvin Smith: Old Country Skills
  • April 5th.  Pretending People Theatre:   “Memory Lane”
  • May 3rd. George Taylor: Broadway ~ 1943 – 1953
  • June 7th.  Dave Brooker:  Audio Visual Presentation.
  • July 5th.  Summer Celebration
  • August 2nd.  Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • September 6th.  Brian and Jean Waterman:  The Thrifty Gardener
  • October 4th.  Harvest Lunch (1pm.)  and Auction of Produce
  • November 1st.  A.G.M. Members’ Afternoon
  • December 5th. Christmas Lunch

Meetings:  The Memorial Hall, High Halden at 2pm.
The first Wednesday in each calendar month.

Admission: Members £2.50 Visitors £3.00.
Annual Subscription: £5.00 due in January.

The Y.A.H. Club Constitution may be viewed on request.


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  1. Christian Burwash

    We are looking at expanding our work with the over 50’s and wondered if you could tell me what facilities are available in High Halden? Do you have a village field which could be used? Are there many walkable footpaths in High Halden?

    If you could let me know I would be grateful.


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