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Agenda Parish Council 13aug18

Agenda Parish Council 13aug18

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    • Sally & Terry Sullivan on August 9, 2018 at 5:11 pm
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    We wish to make an objection to planning application 18/01033/AS.

    We live at Harbourne Lodge and these large stables will be directly opposite our house, spoiling the view across the whole valley which currently is unblemished.

    There will be further impact regarding position, size, vehicle access, hard standing and a manure pile.

    There are also anomalies regarding windows and lighting which may affect other residents.

    Unfortunately Ashford BC have selected a very restricted number of consultees and we ourselves have only just been informed of these plans. We ask , therefore, that more time be given to this application so that the full impact may be appreciated by all neighbours.

    It is with regret that we object to this plan.

    1. Dear Mr and Mrs Sullivan

      Thank you for your comments. This application will be discussed at the Parish Council meeting on 13th August, at 7pm in the Memorial Hall – you would be very welcome to attend and make these comments in the Open Session. Comments from the floor during this time help to inform the Parish Council’s discussions on planning applications.

      The consultation period for planning applications is laid down by statute, but the Borough Council’s planning officers will generally accept comments submitted after the closing date, so do send in your comments – this can be done by emailing the case officer (whose address can be found by bringing up the application on the ABC website and clicking on the tab headed Application) or by uploading comments direct using the Comment tab.

      Kind regards
      Sue Wood

        • Sally & Terry Sullivan on August 10, 2018 at 8:03 pm
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        Thank you.

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