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High Halden Village Events Committee

Planning for Christmas 2017


Whilst Christmas seems a long way off at the moment we are starting to think about events in the village in the run up to the next festive season.  Most importantly how the broader village can be involved and  the event can be tailored so there might be something for everyone !!

The initial meeting on 22 February 2017 was poorly attended with very few village organisations represented. It was agreed that this should be raised at the Village Meeting on 10 April, as most organisations usually attend and provide updates on their activities in the last year.

The next HHVEC meeting has provisionally been scheduled for the 4 May, details and venue to be confirmed.

If you are not already involved, but want to, or just have some thoughts or ideas please contact:

Kelly Burlton ( Chair HHVEC)     or

Paul Buggins  ( Chair Hall Committee )            01233 860335


Look out for more NEWS,  Coming soon  !!!!!!


Last updated 26 Feb 2017




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