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Latest edition of the High Halden Herald – August 2018

Download the August 2018 edition of the magazine here as a PDF

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High Halden housing needs survey 2018

High Halden-housing needs report-2018     PDF 

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Sams Yoga sessions – Tuesdays and Saturdays @Memorial Hall High Halden

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Shawlands Lane- High Halden, Ashford – road works 14th July

When we plan to carry out the work and how long it will take
This is to let you know that, as part of the on-going maintenance and improvement of the highway network,
Kent County Council will be working to improve the road surface of Shawlands Lane, Shadoxhurst between
the junctions with Wrens Nest Lane and Thurstons Lane.
These road surface improvement works are programmed to start on the 14th July 2018 and should take 2 days to complete. These activities will be undertaken during a working window between the hours of 7.00am and 7.00pm.

This type of work can be affected by bad weather, so if it is not possible for us to carry it out at this time, we will arrange a new date and let you know via a letter drop to your home. We will also put up signs along the road before we start showing the date we plan to start work.
During these essential works it will be necessary to close the road completely so that we can carry out the works safely for both the workforce and road users. The diversion route will be via Wrens Nest Lane and Thurstons Lane and vice versa.

The timings of works and how the ‘working window’ may affect you
Where we have specified the works take place over more than a day, please be aware that it is not always possible to start on the first day advertised. These types of works are part of a continuous rolling works programme and heavily dependent on good weather and site conditions throughout and thus can be affected by delays on previous sites. By allowing for extra days we can ensure that unforeseen circumstances to our works can be accommodated and disruption to local residents is minimised as far as possible.

What we plan to do
We are going to use a product called ‘Micro-Asphalt’ to improve the road surface. Micro-Asphalt is quick to apply, which means less disruption to road users, residents, local businesses and the emergency services. It is a cost-effective way of prolonging the life expectancy of the road before any major repair works are required. It also benefits from having a low carbon footprint.
Micro-asphalt is applied cold, in fluid form directly onto the existing road, in two 8mm thick layers, that seal the surface to prevent water penetration, restore texture and improve skid resistance. The first layer is rolled, in order to achieve a compact surface on which to lay the top layer. The top layer can be rolled depending on the site requirements, but this is not always the case as we want the stones to remain proud of the bitumen whilst it cures to give texture to the new surface; this influences skid resistance and durability. Generally, the embedment of the stone on the top surface is aided by the movement of vehicles, which are much lighter.

The finished surface will look quite coarse, uneven and rough immediately after laying, but will improve over time via normal traffic use, as the material beds in. The laying process may result in the fluid splashing slightly up the kerb face; this is normal and will weather with time.
Generally, within 14 days of completing the works the road markings will be reinstated and within eight weeks the ironworks (road drain covers, manhole covers etc.) will be adjusted to suit the new surface.

How you can help
It is inevitable that residents and businesses near the works will experience some disruption, but we will try to keep these to a minimum. Any pavements will remain open at all times, but vehicle access to properties will need to be restricted for a short period while work is carried out in front of each property. If you have any particular access needs, please let the workforce on site know.
We need your help to make sure the work is done as quickly as possible and to the best possible quality.
If your vehicle is usually parked on the carriageway, please make sure you park it somewhere else away from the site whilst the works are carried out, so the road is clear for us to resurface.road

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Kentish Express – Village correspondent

The Kentish Express publishes details of village events each week in its Roundabout section.  If you would like your event to be publicised (free of charge) please contact David Holman  who will be happy to include them.   Please note that the copy deadline is 9am on the Monday preceding publication of KE.


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High Halden parish council village confines public consultation

What is it about?
Over the past few months a committee of villagers, including parish councillors, has been attempting to define the confines of the village of High Halden.
It is for the village to determine the confines which, when adopted by Ashford Borough
Council, will be used as a material consideration when making decisions about planning
applications. An area beyond the confines is considered as countryside and an
application for housing development is unlikely to be supported. Development within the
confines would, subject to certain criteria, be likely to receive support.

Where is it?
High Halden War Memorial Hall
Maps of the village will be on display showing the proposed confines of the village.
There will be an opportunity to ask questions and make comments on the proposals.

When is it?
A series of presentations will be held on:

  • Saturday 23rd June 10am to 2pm
  • Thursday 5th July 5pm to 8pm
  • Saturday 7th July 10am to 2pm

Download the PDF document:

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Green Luck Farm

Following reports of concerns for animal welfare, the Parish Council has been assured by the Borough Council that these are being investigated by a number of agencies. It is understood that some animals have already been removed by the RSPCA.

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Jubilee field ‘bridge’

Please note that the “sleeper bridge” between Jubilee Field and the Football Field will be removed. Unfortunately one of the two sleepers has rotted and has subsequently been damaged, making the “bridge” unsafe to use. The Parish Council is in the process of getting quotations to reinstate the crossing with a similar bridge to the one further along.

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Ashford Borough Council Civic Awards 2018

CA – Nomination Form March 2018 [Word doc]

The Ashford Borough Council Civic Awards have been introduced in 2018 to recognise and honour those people who have contributed substantially to their community and who enrich the lives of others within the borough.
The Awards will provide an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the hard work and dedication of individuals who have given outstanding service in the community, or who have made significant achievements or have acted as role models for the residents of Ashford.

These notes are here to give general guidance to anyone considering making a nomination, but for further information, please e-mail:
Nominations open on: Monday 19th March 2018
The closing date for nominations is: Monday 21st May 2018
Guidelines for submitting a nomination
1. Only one nomination can be accepted from an individual, although nominees may receive more than one nomination
2. Anyone aged 16 or over, who is either a resident or who serves Ashford’s communities but lives outside the borough, can be nominated.
3. To safeguard the welfare and privacy of the young, nominations for children under the age of 16 will be excluded from these awards.
4. Letters of support (i) A minimum of two and a maximum of six independent letters of support must accompany the completed nomination form. (ii) Letters of support should come from well-informed, independent and unrelated members of the community who know the nominee and can vouch for his or her personal contribution to the borough. (iii) Letters of support are also encouraged from elected representatives, including Parish, Borough and County Councillors who cover Ashford Borough. (iv) Letters of support should be included with the nomination form and should be no more than 250 words in length.
5. There are no separate, individual or group categories for nominations and every nomination will be judged on its merits.
6. Specific Eligibility Criteria (i) The activities of nominees must positively impact on the borough of Ashford or its communities, whether or not nominees are residents of the borough (ii) Recipients will, in the main, be individuals, but in certain cases groups may be considered (iii) The Ashford Borough Council Civic Awards 2018 will recognise and celebrate those who have achieved, contributed to, excelled at or who have made personal effort or sacrifice to the benefit of others. (iv) Local Authority employees may only be considered where the nomination is external to their current job activities.
(v) Appropriate checks will be made on short-listed applicants prior to the decision to make an Award and Awards will only recognise those who have acted with honesty and integrity. (vi) The eligibility criteria are subject to review at any point. (vii) Nominations can be submitted electronically or by hard copy. (viii) The closing date for submissions for the Ashford Borough Council Civic Awards 2018 is midnight on Monday 21st May 2018. Nominations received after this point will not be considered.
7. Supplementary Information (i) All nominations and correspondence will be treated with the strictest confidentiality (ii) Selection of those people who will become recipients of awards will be made by the members of the Ashford Honours & Awards Board at a special selection meeting in June of this year (iii) The Ashford Honours & Awards Board is representative of the community as a whole and information regarding its composition and terms of reference is available on request (iv) Successful nominees will receive confirmation of their award and an official invitation to the Award Ceremony no later than week commencing 4th June. Further nomination forms can be obtained by e-mailing: Hard copies of nomination forms and guidance notes are available from Ashford Borough Council’s Civic Centre reception, upon request.

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Latest edition of the High Halden Herald – March 2018

Download the March edition of the magazine here as a PDF

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