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Two feedback events were held in late October 2017 to provide villagers with the opportunity to hear feedback on the results of the survey and other analysis undertaken. Both sessions were very poorly attended, but those there participated in discussions on the results.

It is anticipated that a comprehensive feedback document including strategy ideas will be published during quarter one 2018.  In the interim see below for a few details of things that residents consider important that are already progressing or under review.

Defibrillators – The main village defibrillator is installed and in operation, sited in the pub car park. The parish council are also progressing with siting one on the Sports Pavilion by the playing fields. It is also understood that the School are considering having their own defibrillator.

Footpaths – The Parish Council have already commenced discussions on what might be done to improve existing footpaths and the network of paths in the village/parish.

Memorial Hall – The Management committee continue to see what may be possible to develop a hall/community facility at an alternative site, albeit this may be many years in the future. In the interim they are looking at what can be done to enhance/improve existing facilities and they intend to complete a prioritisation exercise in the first half of 2018. Items under review include: upgrade of kitchen, installation of broadband/WiFi, improve PA /Sound system (add audio/visual facilities) obtaining new tables and chairs and improved storage.

Village Events – The High Halden Village Events Committee ( HHVEC) have co-ordinated the 2017 Christmas event ( This is taking place on 2 Dec at the School) and are already looking at what can be done in 2018, including village wide activities to recognise the 100 year anniversary of the end of WW1

Speeding Traffic – The Parish Council  have been mindful of this issue for some while. They continue to press for regular speed checks and are in dialogue with KCC highways regarding the effectiveness of traffic calming measures, in particular the “traffic islands” which many consider create more dangers particularly when large vehicles mount the pavement to pass by.

Coffee Shop / Drop in Facility – This was felt by many to be an important addition for the village.  Whilst there is no coffee shop at present in the village the “Pop Up Café” (PUC) that has attended the village, on a trial basis during the last 6 months has proved very popular and is strongly supported by the Parish Council.  In this regard the Parish Council have secured more visits early in 2018 and continue to explore how this can be continued using existing facilities in the village. The Memorial Hall and its new parking and drop off area has been working well and provides cover and warmth when the weather is not so good.

Housing Development –  An area that encompasses a wide range of views and concerns from people across the parish. As residents will know from the draft ABC Local plan to 2030 (which is likely to be adopted in 2018)  there will be  lots of house building in the Borough, including villages such as High Halden. The Parish Council are keen for residents to express their views to ensure the village evolves as we would like. In support of this they are leading on two pieces of work that support the planning process. The “Village Confines Exercise” will help establish where the parish believe the extent of the built confines of the village are and this will become a strong consideration in the assessment of planning applications by ABC.  Additionally a ” Housing Needs Survey ” is to be undertaken to more accurately identify the types of housing needed in the village; again this will support the planning process.

Other items for further review include: Play equipment, expand use of playing field (U12 cricket looking likely in 2018), street lighting ( success already seen with a new light back in Tilden Close) , consistent communication, parking challenges around the village ……..

Look out for further updates early in 2018





3 May 2017

The closing date for submitting or returning surveys was the 30 April.  Many Thanks to all those who have completed and returned the forms.  The  Co-ordination Group will be keying the final batches of paper surveys over the next few days and will then be reviewing all the “free format” responses to generate a list of common themes.  It is anticipated that collation will be complete by the end of May when more detailed analysis will be undertaken to start formulating a draft strategy proposal.

During June and July the analysis of the feedback, suggestions etc. will be undertaken working towards producing a draft report to be shared with residents from September.

The link to the survey below will remain active for a few more days if anyone still wants to complete the survey.


Click here to access the survey

The link to the High Halden Survey is now available.



Why is this review happening?

Every 10 years or so (1997 and 2006) we take a little time to reflect on where our community is now, and importantly, where we want it to move forward to.  It is time again for us to consider:

– What has been achieved e.g. Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, Young at Heart, Sports Pavilion
– The things we would like to progress in the next decade
– The issues and challenges we face

An important part of this review is to provide the opportunity for all residents to give feedback and put forward ideas on how our village should evolve. This survey is a key way to do this and I hope as many people as possible will take a short time (some 10 to 20 minutes) to complete it.

The information, thoughts and ideas which are put forward will be CONFIDENTIAL and will NOT be attributed to any individual. The more responses we have the more robust the findings will be.

Thank you for completing this survey.

Paul Buggins – Co-ordinator. High Halden Strategy Group

Email:  bugginssunnymead@btinternet.com                 Telephone:  01233 860335

Please note that the closing date for submissions is 30th April 2017.

NOTE: It is necessary to complete and submit the online survey at the same time (it is NOT possible to stop, save and finish at a later time).

Paper versions of the survey are being delivered to all households, along with the Halden Herald, to be used if preferred.


In order to help High Halden evolve it is important to understand the hopes, needs and priorities of all residents. Every 10 years or so (1997 and 2006) we take some time to reflect on where our community is, and importantly, where we want it to move forward to.

The Parish Council have agreed to support a review in 2016/2017, and a small co-ordination group has been formed.  Research will be undertaken during early 2017 followed by a period of analysis, with the hope that a final document will be available later in 2017.

More input from residents will make the final proposals much more robust and reflective of a greater majority of views. Please therefore take a little time to provide input to surveys/questionnaires, join focus groups and feedback sessions whenever possible or provide your thoughts and ideas directly to any member of the co-ordination group.

November 2016

News and Events


The first Focus Group session was held on 6 December 2016, attached here is a selection of some of the comments and ideas put forward.   focus-group-6th-dec-16-speech-bubbles-pdf





Communication / Contacts

Paul Buggins

Email:  bugginssunnymead@btinternet.com

Tele:  01233 860335

Co-ordination Team

  • Marcia Mitchell
  • Brenda Harrison
  • Geoff Hilton
  • Suzie Lemarechal
  • Sue Hilton
  • Paul Buggins



Feedback form

Please use this form to provide any feedback

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