Businesses in High Halden

If you have a business that resides in High Halden (TN26) and would like the business listed here, please contact the Parish Clerk :

Click on the company name for more information.

Please Note:  We do not recommend businesses, if you are using a business listed on this page, it is up to you the service user to check their references and credentials.  The Parish website is here to provide information to local businesses and individuals in the High Halden area.


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The Chequers on the Green

The present Georgian façade conceals the original timbered structure, for it was thought that this Inn was built in the 14th century, when the Weald was covered by oak forest. Shipbuilding took place at Smallhythe and it is said that when the man-of war-ships completed their service for the Crown, they became the property of …

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Garden maintenance and Design in High Halden

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