Village confines

The Parish Council intend to define the built village confines/envelope on a map, so that it is clear to residents, landowners, developers, Ashford Borough Council and the Planning Inspectorate, where the built up part of High Halden begins and ends. The envelope is designed to clarify where development might be acceptable. Development outside of it would be resisted.

Working Group
We would like parishioners to take an active part in the process and a working group will be set up comprising Parish Councillors and up to 10 residents. Ideally, the members of the group will be representative of all areas of the parish.

Role of the group
The group will primarily determine the extent of any confines by assessing the village landscape, character, setting and its important features and through debate and consultation with the community, decide where the boundary line should be drawn on a map.
They will also be responsible for responding to questions and queries in the process of consulting with the wider public. The minutes of the group meetings will be posted on the village website and Parish Council noticeboards for transparency.

Public Consultation
There will be a Public Consultation once the process is underway, to enable everyone to have an opportunity to give their views, which will be taken into consideration.
Would you like to be part of the group?
Please apply by email or letter to the clerk and include:

  • Your name
  • Home address or in which area of the village you live.
  • 3 reasons why you would like to be part of the group.

Applications must be received by Tuesday 31st October

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