Jul 06 2017

Local Plan to 2030 – exhibition


Come along to a drop-in session at the hall on Tuesday 25th July from 4-7pm.  Officers from Ashford Borough Council will be on-hand to answer questions and there will be plenty of information available, plus the chance to comment on the proposals

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  1. B.R. James

    What does ‘moderation’ mean – in this context?

    1. Susan Wood

      It means that comments have to be approved either by the webmaster or myself (Parish Clerk) before they appear on the website. I hope this helps.
      Kind regards

  2. B.R. James

    I thought the local plan had already been agreed and sites for development agreed.

    B R James 6, Little Robhurst.

    1. Susan Wood

      No, the Local Plan is still in the draft stage – the exhibition is to let us see the updated version which takes account of the additional homes needed because of the latest housing trajectory numbers, and comments made on the first draft. It is open for consultation from July 7th until the end of August, after which all comments will be taken into account and the final draft submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for approval.
      I hope this helps.
      Sue Wood

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