Ashford Local Plan to 2030: Site Submissions

The new Ashford Borough Council local plan intends to  identify sufficient land to provide for any new jobs and homes up to 2030, as well as for Gypsy & Traveller’s sites, Leisure, Retail, Visitor and Tourism facilities. One of its  aims will be to establish which sites within the borough, could be suitable for allocation of  these future developments and facilities.

Between July and September, Ashford Borough Council requested that people send in  details of any sites that were available for development. They received a total of 168 submissions, 30 in Town and the urban areas and 138 in Tenterden and the rural area.

107 of these sites were submitted for Housing, 43 for employment and mixed use, 7 for tourist, community or leisure uses only and 12 for Gypsy and Traveller sites.

Please find the  list of sites that have submitted for High Halden in this PDF file.

The proposed use and quantity of development suggested by the submitter is also shown. If this was not supplied, the site area is given.

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